Episode 1 : Buying Stories - How to become friends with B2B Buyer:)

Updated: Jan 21

Decoding the B2B Buying process with a Marketing Leader.

77% of B2B executive buyers rated their last purchase experience as extremely complex or difficult - Gartner

Imagine a seller can listen to all the nuance of internal decisions & discussions (hidden from the outside world) inside a B2B buying team from the time they identify a problem to the point they purchase a solution. If you are a seller, will that knowledge help you share the right information, at the right time, to the right stakeholder of the buying team and decrease their complexity in arriving at a purchase decision?

Through this podcast with the Marketing Leader, Mr. Aakash Sinha from Spotdraft.com , we are able to get some real golden insights on,

-how buying decisions are happening among his buying team.

-how buying-related tasks are getting completed inside his organization.

-what kind of information he is expecting from vendors to complete the buying jobs.

-how a salesperson can help to create confidence in making purchase decisions.

Enjoy the podcast and share your thoughts to bring more quality to the B2B Buying Stories podcast series.

The podcast host, Mr. Rahul Muralidharan, a sales enablement practitioner & entrepreneur, construed this podcast into a blog that you can read here.


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