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what your
buyers value:)

A community to discover the real help, real guidance, and real information B2B Buyers are expecting from Sellers to complete a purchase decision.


Why Enablement Cafe?

77% of B2B buyers rated their last purchase experience as extremely complex or difficult
- Gartner Report 

This data from Gartner encouraged us to think more. In a strongly well-connected world buyers are struggling to make purchase decisions and sellers are struggling to sell. Where exactly is the mismatch? The solution is to listen closely
to buyers and their past buying jobs.  With this community, we started discovering a pattern of hidden buying
dynamics from real-world B2B buyers. Let's learn together from this pattern and enable your next buyer to
take an easy purchase decision.

Perks for Joining Enablement Cafe:

Buying Stories

Listen to the real-world buying decisions from executive buyers of your industry

Exclusive Events

Pump up energy by attending exclusive events on sales enablement and buyer enablement

World Class Resources

Get access to playbooks, guides and other templates created by leaders and rockstars in the community


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Receive latest updates in Sales Enablement and Buyer Enablement around the world

Learn from Peers

Get quick guidance from your peers when you got stuck in helping buyer making purchase decisions

Personal Branding

Express yourself as a writer, speaker, and leader to enhance your personal branding

Becoming a part:


Who Can Join Us?

If you are involved/helping/managing/

coaching any B2B buying and selling activity, this place is right for you to

learn and share :)

Why You should Join?

This is the only global community creating sales enablement discussions and meetings along with executive buyers from your industry

Buyers and Sellers